Eldorado Texas

Eldorado Texas History

Around 1901 to 1905 this town Eldorado Texas was thriving with ranchers. Ranchers went there because the land was at a good price and the land was great to grow crops. Even today there are still many of ranchers in Texas that grow crops and have a ranch with horses and animals. Around 1912 to 1914 there were only 500 people living in this city but it near tripled that with 1400 and 23 living there in 1932-1934 this was a good number of people to have in a farming city in Texas or a ranchers city but most ranchers farm so it is both of their cities.

In the 1950’s the city Eldorado Texas had more residents up to 1600+ not more then 1680 though. This was a growing community as you can see and one place that decided to incorporate at one time but took this incorporation away 2 years after it started.

 Eldorado Texas Demographics

 In the year 2010 the population that was at 1680 or less was now at 1,951 that is how many people lived their from the census records. There were 49.15% male residents that lived in this area while there were 50.85% female residents.  The white population in this area is 74.32% of this area while the Native American is 0.72%. That is a large difference as there seems to be a ton of white people in Eldorado Texas. The next ethnicity that is there besides the whites is the “other race then one” 20.40% says the census.

The black ethnicity is 2.15% that is much higher then the Indians in the same city. A person 18 to the year of 64 years old is 1,126 people. That means allot of people are in this age bracket and not too many people under or over that age bracket since there are only 1,951 people that is in this census.

Eldorado Education

The people that have less then a high school diploma are a part of those people that have an education in Eldorado Texas. Those people the ones without the high schooling are 14.97% in this city. That means not very good jobs are going to open up to those people as many jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent to work at their establishment.
The next level of education that is recorded is the high school graduate is 25.99%. That is 1 in 4 a little more then 1 in 4 but basically 1 in 4 people is a high school graduate and that is it. That is not a bad statistic he next statistic is some college or associate degree and that percentage is 28.14% so that is even better then the high school graduate statistic. Those people will be able to find good jobs with associate degrees and even some college it shows that you put the effort towards your education.

The people with a Bachelor Degree are 17.26% not a bad statistic at all those people will be able to find high paying jobs in fields they are trained in.

The last statistic is the Master or Doctorate or Professional degree which is 10.30%. So 1 in 10 people can get a amazing paying job not bad Eldorado Texas.